5 Steps to Selling your House in 3 Weeks

While the overall dynamics of selling a property goes beyond these factors, it serves as a guide to get started on your property selling process. I have adopted the exact steps during the sale of my matrimonial home, so I hope this is useful for you. For older properties of say 10 years and above, you might want to consider home staging as the interior design might be dated already. We shall cover home staging in a separate article though. Let’s get started!

Step # 1 – Declutter, declutter, declutter

Decluttering is the one of the ways to present your house in its best light. Yes it is super troublesome, clearing your daily items out of sight before the viewing sessions is tedious. Be prepared to put in additional cleaning efforts as part of your pre-viewing rituals. No one would appreciate an oily stove or stained counter top for sure!

Step #2 – Video Tours & Photography

Now that the house is free of clutter, time for some video and photo shots to highlight the property attributes. Mobile phone photography has come a long way since the Nokia days. Most phones are capable of taking high resolution photos which easily make the mark as marketing materials. 360 degree video tours are also highly recommended. It allow the buyers to have a sense of space and details before deciding whether to book a viewing.

Step #3 – Absent Yourself

This might be common sense to me but it’s not commonly acknowledged among the people I spoke to. What I meant is to absent yourself when potential buyers are viewing the house. It gives them space to view the property without feeling awkward, since they can take their time to appreciate your property. While the marketing agents has the free play to highlight the property attributes, it also allows them to address whatever objections on the spot.

Step #4 – Turn the Heat Down

The ambient temperature can affect the mood and viewing experience. Imagine viewing an apartment on a hot afternoon without any air-con? Turn on the air-con at least half hour before the viewing. Not only does cooling does the trick, make sure the house is well lit, especially during an overcast day or night viewings.

Step #5 – Adopt a Positive Mindset

While the marketing agent is pivotal in closing a deal, the mindset of the seller is equally crucial. Making changes to your schedule and accommodating to last minute viewings can be draining. Not forgetting the additional housekeeping required to maintain your house in pristine condition. Managing your expectations on the inconveniences during the selling process is therefore necessary in keeping yourself sane 😉

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