About Me

“My life transformed through property investment, I hope to walk your journey together with you.”

Wanni Chan

Hey there, this is Wanni and I’m a Real Estate Consultant with Crestbrick.

I am a Real Estate Professional who believes in wealth growth through ownership of multiple properties. This is why I always place a strong emphasis on research and data, which allows me to analyze every potential purchase and how it complements my clients’ portfolios.

I have been a private investor since 2018. My first foray into Real Estate investing was an industrial property that yielded a healthy 6 figures in capital gains in just 3 years. Currently, I own 2 local residential properties and 2 UK properties.

I have been exposed to the world of property since a young age. My mother was always looking for opportunities to invest in properties and I remember how she worked hard to finance her investments. Her efforts paid off as the properties eventually yielded great capital appreciation.

To me, it was not just luck that she was able to succeed in her endeavours. She had the conviction and tenacity to hold on to her investments even when all odds were against her.

As a former HDB dweller myself, I sold my matrimonial home soon after MOP. It proved to be a strategic move as it paved the way for me to acquire a private residential property. Having gone through the selling and buying process gives me great confidence during clients’ consultations. It taught me what are the potential pitfalls to avoid, and milestones to observe throughout the entire transaction.

I’ve made a career out of helping people transform their lives through property investment.

Last year alone, I’ve clocked more than 40 property transactions that have transformed the lives of families and individuals. It’s a humbling experience and has given me immense satisfaction to be part of their property journey.

My life has transformed through property investment. What about yours?

I look forward to meeting like-minded people and fulfilling their aspirations.

Take care & see you soon!